Updated: December 17th, 2019

Some of the latest visual marketing tools buyers respond to that get a property noticed are video, panoramic photos, and 3D Virtual Tours.

Virtual Tours let you highlight a property’s most valuable features for a quicker sale. And the more media you add to a listing to make it more attractive and offer more information, the higher it will tend to rank in search engine results. Virtual tours do everything traditional stills can’t, which is why simple photographic images are becoming a supplement to an Agent’s arsenal of marketing tools – not the focus. 

What Is Real Estate Video?

A walk-through of a property captured on video is a basic form of a virtual tour. Videos give buyers an idea of what a property is like without having to schedule a showing.

Looks matter in real estate, so your success can depend on how you present a property.

Video can reveal the strengths and the weaknesses to tell the true story of a home. It’s easy to record on a smartphone, but for a more polished appearance, you can hire a professional videographer for a perfectly seamless production edited together without jittery shots or awkward angles. 

A video production is the equivalent of film making, but with images recorded digitally instead of on film stock. During the three stages of video production – pre-production, production, and post-production, a pro will capture the essence of a home from the buyer’s perspective with better lighting and sharper details than a camera phone. 

What Are Panoramic Photos?

Beyond point-and-click photos, panoramic, 360-degree shots show entire views of a property that look flawless without a big budget. Software, including smartphone apps, stitches several photos together into one impressive view. 

Handy smartphone cameras create panoramas, however, you might get “ho hum” results. Digital single-lens reflex cameras make high-resolution panoramas, which is where the pros come in. With these cameras, pros generally use a tripod, shoot in RAW format with the camera positioned vertically, and select “manual” mode, the focal distance, and the correct white balance mode.

If you lack time and the skills, a professional photographer may produce first-rate views that will sell for you. You can capture all angles – every side of a property – and assemble them into one shot. These really add value to a listing and make it stand out.

When they’re printed, panoramic photos start at six inches and can be as high as 30 inches or two and a half feet. Panoramic prints can be as long as 156 inches (13 feet). Panoramas are printed to length – your photo isn’t cropped or distorted. They’re produced as one print, not segments. 

Successful veteran real estate agents are careful about how they present their property photos and video. They suggest that the first five photos in an MLS listing are the most vital. If you don’t capture a buyer’s interest with those pictures, they’ll go to the next listing. Panoramic photos are an innovative way to keep their eyes glued to the screen to enhance their interest.  

What is Matterport and What Are Real Estate Virtual Tours?

Imagine combining the best of video and panoramic photos into one experience that you can see up close so that you feel like you’re there. 

Matterport 3D Showcase is a better real estate virtual tour: an immersive, 360º virtual experience that engages buyers, delights sellers, and wins you listings.  

The tours let buyers see what properties look like inside and out. There are Google Street Maps for properties that move beyond panoramic photos or video. You see the whole layout — an up close and personal view because the user controls the experience. Inside, Floorplan, and Dollhouse views combine to let you switch between floors for an overall perspective of every nook and cranny. 

These tours aren’t just for the luxury market. They sell all kinds of listings, including single-family homes.  They add to the “perceived value” of a property. 

If a property appears attractive, in its best light, prospects will feel more in the mood to buy. And buyers who know more about a home and are already interested are more qualified leads. With three dimensions, they go beyond video and panoramic photos so that they’re not just reacting, they’re interacting with your tour. 3D tours also help buyers see how they fit in a space. They get the bigger picture of the look and feel of a home.

How Can Matterport And Virtual tours Help Me Sell More Properties? 

With Matterport 3D Tours for Real Estate, real estate buyers will experience the walking inside of a home or property even if they’re seeing it on a computer screen or mobile phone from far away.  The virtual reality tours surpass standard photographs, giving users 360-degree views of a property from all angles for a true interactive and immersive experience.

Matterport’s Pro2 3D camera captures high resolution images in 4K at 134 megapixels and dimensions within one percent of accuracy.  The photos are High-Dynamic Range (HDR) and produce life-like images with vibrant colors and greater depth and contrast.

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