Hiring a Professional Real Estate Photographer Can Help Lower Your Days on Market

Have you ever wondered why some listings sell faster than similar comparables? The secret is photography for real estate. With the introduction of higher quality equipment and shooting techniques, professional Real Estate Photographer’s have transformed the way in which single properties are presented to the public. Gone are the days when you could capture images with an iPhone or a “point and shoot” and expect to find yourself in a bidding war. According to a recent analysis by Redfin Corp, a brokerage firm based in Seattle, listings with professional photography tend to sell for a higher price than those using amateur photography. Hiring a professional photography company means having your pictures done by experienced photographers, wielding the best cameras for their craft.  

Craig Westerman from Hometrack Real Estate Marketing in Baltimore, Maryland says, “Using a real estate marketing company to facilitate and shorten the sales cycle for residential or commercial listings is an invaluable asset.”

Having professional photography preparation and capturing professional and superior quality images is an invaluable investment for selling properties faster. 92% of consumers shop for homes online. Professional real estate photography is shared millions of times a day through a variety of social media platforms including Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. Which method you choose to market your properties is a determining factor on how long or short your sales cycle will be.

According to Redfin Corp if you’re listing your property between $200,000 and $1 million, professional DSLR Photography can increase the selling price by $3,400 to $11,200 over the home’s list pricing according to RedFin Corp. When looking at homes across all spectrums, professional DSLR Photography saw a sales cycle within 6 months in comparison to point-and-shoot photos. 

  • $400K to $500K price range: 64% of DSLR photos sold within 6 months compared to 46% with point-and-shoot photos. 
  • $1M price range: 35% of DSLR photos sold within 6 months compared to 30% of homes with point-and-shoot photos.

Eric Tan from Redfin explains, “While million dollar homes take longer to sell, DSLR photography still helps these luxury homes sell faster than they otherwise would.”

Let’s get real – who doesn’t want to get paid faster? 

In today’s world, enhancing your listing with the latest photography techniques such as Drone Photography and Twilight Photography can be a game changer when it comes to selling your property faster and at a higher price. The Redfin study also reveals how hiring the services of a professional photographer helps in increasing exposure online. Most astonishing is only 15% of listings use professional Real Estate Photography to help sell their properties online. Professional high-end images help grab a buyer’s attention, hence, increasing impressions on listings. 

In today’s competitive market, professional real estate photography can help make your listings stand out from your competitors.

A thorough understanding of color and light levels is essential to create impeccable photos. A professional Real Estate Photographer uses techniques such as compositing and editing to direct and focus the buyer’s attention on the property’s main selling points. It takes more than owning an expensive camera to be a good photographer in any field. Professional Real Estate Photographers spend a great deal of time learning, practicing and refining their skills to bring the best out of a real estate photo.The benefits of hiring the services of a professional photographer outweigh any of the associated costs – from start to finish. 

Drone photography is in a league of its own.

Photography techniques such as Aerial Drone Photography can showcase a wide variety of features such as landscape, water bodies and large acreage backyards which cannot be shown through normal listing photography. Drone photography is perfect for properties with expansive land, outdoor entertainment areas, pools and for showing proximity to local amenities. 

HDR Photography – when the details matter.

Another photography technique known as HDR Photography can be used to showcase property interiors with beautiful architectural design, detail, or just to make the home look its best.  HDR Photography shows architectural designs with great depth and contrast. Hiring a professional Real Estate Photographer allows showing your property in the best possible light to potential buyers.

Professionally photographed 3-bed, 1.75-bath home

  • Where: Renton, Washington 
  • Listing: $329,950. 
  • Time to Sell: 5 days
  • Offer: $332,450 
  • % Over Listing: 1% over asking price. 

Professionally photographed 2-bed, 2.5 bath home

  • Where: Renton, Washington 
  • Listing: $449,950
  • Time to Sell: ~ 5 days
  • Sold: $480,000
  • % Over Listing: 7% over asking price.