Our world is becoming increasingly digital. Today, 58% of the global population uses social media, and 5 billion people have mobile devices. As digital technology has become increasingly dominant, many real estate professionals have focused their attention on digital marketing, forgoing print assets in favor of tactics like Pay-Per-Click and Social Media Marketing.  

Unfortunately, brands overlooking the power of integrating print advertising into their overall marketing strategies do so at an opportunity cost. Print marketing, specifically Brochures, still play a critical role in a successful realtor’s arsenal of marketing tools. It can’t be overstated that a marketing campaign strategically integrated with print and digital media will maximize its effectiveness and its results-driven outcomes. When leveraged correctly, quality print Real Estate Marketing Brochures can help your listings stand out while maximizing your hard-earned dollars. 

So, what is a Brochure? 

A Brochure is a single page that is folded into sections to create a short multi-page booklet. 

This marketing tool is either presented as a single page that has been folded to create sections or more commonly as a bound multi-page booklet. A key difference here are that brochures are able to cover a multitude of subjects and generally consist of pictures accompanied by supporting text. This form of printed media is used to inform patrons of specific product lines or to educate existing customers on the features of a recent purchase.

8 Reasons the Print Media Still Rules 

Readership for marketing venues such as newspapers has decreased considerably in the past 10 years. But, there’s one form of print advertising that remains stable: the brochure

Available in virtually every real estate agent’s office you visit, brochures continue to serve an important marketing purpose. 

Here are 8 benefits of using brochures today:

1. Easy to Read for all Audiences

Brochures are strategically condensed for a quick read of the products and services a company offers. When compared to the average company’s website content, brochures are usually uncomplicated, educational, and easy to read. 

Considering the creation time and know-how of making web content easy to read to a large audience can be complicated when you consider: 

  • Web design has to be responsive so that it opens well in both mobile devices and computers, respectively. 
  • Font style, color, and the website theme and content for a target audience must be easy to navigate. 
  • Creating a balance of all the above factors are difficult to achieve because not what appeals to one set of audience appeals to the other. 
  • Creating a Call-to-Action on a website is a complicated process compared to a highly visible or easy to find phone number on a Brochure. 

Much of the content on the web is usually scanned and skimmed and much of the information can be dismissed. A real estate Brochure is hands down easier to view and absorb. Finding the relevant information a reader is looking for is simple and quick to find. 

  1. Limited Distractions

A quality Brochure will provide a captive audience. Brochures are hard copy, physical items, and they render distractions virtually nonexistent. A prospective buyer picks one up, digests the text, learns what they want to know, and makes a decision. In contrast to some digital media marketing there are no distracting notifications from other apps such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsAPP, Twitter APP and many others while reading the information on a brochure. An objective of all marketing material is to have the least amount of distractions as possible to not interfere with the educational and buying experience and process. Brochures accomplish this objective.  

3. Cost-Effective

Many Realtors find being competitive in the world of digital marketing means shelling out thousands of dollars or stretching their budgets beyond what is comfortable. And this makes sense – digital ad spending in the U.S. was projected to hit $130 billion by the end of this year.

Agents looking for a more cost-effective way to advertise their services are discovering brochures. Brochures are an affordable way to advertise, and are one of the best options to spread the word about a new service or a listing. 

Hiring a designer or real estate marketing company to create quality marketing pieces that bring results is the best route to follow. A reputable marketing company can create marketing campaigns that distribute Brochures to 100s or 1000s of targeted prospects within targeted zip codes and cities. 

  1. Versatility

Versatile enough to adapt to a Realtor’s needs, brochures can adjust to current needs showcasing a new property. Brochures come in a variety of designs, lengths, folds, and formats, which makes them ideal for any print marketing requirements. 

Here are some popular Brochure formats reputable Real Estate Marketing companies recommend to their clients: 

2 Page Brochure/Flyer
4 Page Brochure
4 Page Horizontal Brochure
6 Panel Folded Brochure
8 Page Brochure
12 Page Brochure
Jumbo Trifold Brochure
Jumbo Quad-Fold Brochure

5. Brochures are Tangible 

Digital marketing ads and campaigns are generally intangible, temporary and short-lived. On the other hand Brochures are hard copy and come in soft copy and have a long shelf-life. And yes – a brochure is tangible. A tangible marketing piece has several advantages over a digital media:

  • Longer period of exposure
  • Longer brand impression
  • Able to reference for future use
  • Hand-to-hand distribution

6. Establish Your Brand and Built Trust with Brochures

One way to create a brand, business authority, trust and credibility in a certain vertical is to go beyond your customer’s expectations with something professional and tangible. A Brochure does just that.  A quality Brochure will project professionalism, an eye for detail, and a message of a desire to invest in customers. 

7. Brochures are easier to absorb and understand

With marketing, all brands share a single goal – make an impression on customers and ensure they remember the brand and the product. In real estate, brochures do this more effectively than some forms of digital content. 

According to recent studies, the average person expends 21% more cognitive effort to process digital content than print. To put this another way, print media is easier to absorb and understand. This is probably why 75% of customers can recall print ads at a later date, while only 44% of customers can remember digital ads they’ve seen. 

Today, brochures can serve as advertising mediums as well as reference materials for a consumer’s future use. Clients who are interested in a particular listing will be reminded of the property every time they glance at the brochure. 

8. Brochures are Quick to Print

When it comes to digital marketing, an approach like content marketing is useful, but it takes time and know-how. Hiring a designer or real estate marketing company is the quickest and smartest way to go.  Since Brochures support other advertising efforts they are usually quick to create and deliver for an strategically integrated direct mail and online campaign. Incorporating a Brochure with a digital media campaign is an excellent tactic for a well-rounded marketing strategy and one that maximizes your return-on-investment. 

The Case for Brochures

Brochures are an excellent addition to your company’s marketing efforts. In addition to allowing you to personalize and target your content, brochures also provide a lasting impression that will strengthen the bond between your company and your customers, and help your listings stay top-of-mind.