Aerial Drone Photo
Close More Deals with Aerial Drone Photography

A photo is worth 1000 words. Nowhere is this age-old adage more true, than in the world of Real Estate.  According to the 2015 Real Estate Tech Trends Report, 83% of home buyers found photos to be “very useful.”  This is even more relevant in 2019 with the advent of Instagram. Capitalize on this well-established truth and invest in the latest trend in professional real estate marketing, aerial drone photography.  Investing in aerial drone photography can close more deals for you, whether it’s from attracting new listings or closing current listings faster, it can increase your income.

Real Estate Drone Photography ensures that your listing stands out online, and can assist in capturing hard to photograph selling features as well draw new higher value clients.

Your First Showing is Online

With 92% of buyers starting their real estate search online, and 44% find the home they actually purchase online, your listing’s first showing will be online.  What this means is you will have to wow your prospective buyers and stop them from scrolling past your listing with just a thumbnail sized photo.  You need to make sure that “first photo” captures the very best of your listing, and with drone photography, you can ensure that. That pool in the backyard can’t be captured in one shot of the front of the house without using the elevated perspective that a drone can provide.

Aerial Drone Photography Showcases Properties

Aerial Drone technology is an ideal solution for featuring sweeping views, expansive land or water-oriented properties, drone photography gives potential buyers a bird’s-eye view that stands above the rest. Many prime selling features can be hard to photograph; drone photography is especially beneficial for listings with:

  •     Outdoor Entertainment Zones
  •     Expansive Land
  •     Pools + Landscaping
  •     Water Features
  •     Proximity to Local Amenities

When homeowners see how professionally you present your current listings with these unique features they might be more likely to list their high-value property with you.

Get More Listings

Not surprisingly, 70% of sellers and 75% of buyers found their real estate agent online. By showcasing your listing inventory with a cutting edge technology like drone photography, you are presenting yourself as an expert in your field.   In real estate, you cultivate your personal brand by the way you handle your current listings. In turn, this attracts potential new customers that are impressed by the listings online that are attached to your name. 

Hiring a Professional Pays Off

Don’t be tempted to google, “where to buy a drone,” now that you know all the advantages of drone photography.  From piloting to editing the raw photos, drone photography is best left in the hands of a FAA certified drone photography professional.  There is a time investment required to obtain a drone pilot certification, and the equipment can run anywhere from $1-2,000, and that doesn’t even include photo editing software and the skill-sets to use it effectively.  Also, leaving photography of any kind in the hands of a professional drone photographer is proven to pay off.

According to a survey carried out by Redfin, professionally photographed home sell faster and at a higher price. In the $400,000 to $500,000 price range, Redfin found that 64 percent of homes with professional listing photography sold within six months, compared to 46 percent of homes with amateur photography.  In the sought after luxury market, 35 percent of professionally photographed homes priced over $1,000,0000  sold in six months versus, 30 percent of homes of the same price range with amateur photography. Professional photography also has an effect on the selling price as homes listed between $200k and $1M sold from between $3,400 and $11,200 when they used the services of a professional photography company.

Hiring a Drone Photography

Many new technologies have been introduced into the real estate world and failed; however, the drone is here to stay. By 2020 the Federal Aviation Administration estimates that 22% of drone usage in the United States will be attributed to the real estate industry.

Drone photography and video is the best way to capture the exterior features of your listing, use the latest technology for the interior as well. Consider the new Matterport 3D tour technology to bring virtual reality to your real estate listings.  Matterport 3D spaces are an immersive virtual reality experience that surpasses the traditional 360-degree tours.  Matterport not only lets buyers virtually walk through the property; it offers then a complete sense of the home with the Dollhouse View. 

Hometrack Real Estate Marketing | Author: Mike Ales | Copyright June 2019