Photo Editing

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Do you have a photo that is just about perfect…except for that ONE THING? Our experienced designers can make magic happen with the wonders of Photoshop. Did a forgotten houseplant on the counter lessen the impact of an otherwise spectacular modern kitchen? Have us remove or replace it. Family photo walls are lovely, but depersonalization is key. Perhaps that entry would appeal to more buyers with staging artwork rather than cherished family Portraits. E-mail our design department for photo editing inquiries.

Green Grass:

Yard seems sparser than you remember? Our wizards will make it summer ready faster than you can say SOD.

Pool Makeover:

We all love them, but aren’t all equipped with pool maintenance skills. Our “pool boys” will entice buyers to envision a summer filled with stay-cations.

Object Removal:

Coordinating cleaning prep can be daunting. If something was awry, let us break out our “digital” magic eraser and remove or rework the unsightly intrusion.