HDR Photography

Hometrack’s HDR/Fusion photography will provide the optimal angles and lighting to flatter every property. Professional photography has been proven to get more views online, which results in more showings, fewer days on the market, and high sale prices. HDR Listing Photography starts at only $180.

Have a vacant property? Check out our virtual staging services. Dead of winter? Or just a cloudy day? You might want to add a blue sky conversion or green grass replacement. We can even add crisp clear views from the windows with our SeeThru windows. You can even turn any beautiful exterior photo into a twilight shot with our twilight conversion.

Photography Package Will Include

  • A minimum of 30 High-Resolution, interior and exterior images. Unlimited number of photos.
  • Next business day download from your agent portal.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Included Single Property Gallery

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A little about HDR/Fusion real estate photography

HDR/Fusion photography is an advanced shooting technique used to produce a greater range of intensity and visual interest than would be possible with standard photography. To accomplish this, our real estate photographers capture multiple exposures of the same image simultaneously. The images are layered to generate a single composite photograph in post processing. Much like the human eye sees naturally, the resulting image is more vibrant and has greater depth and contrast.

With the help of high dynamic range photography or HDR, potential buyers can view the various rooms and features of a listing in a manner that’s very similar to how the human eye would capture them on the scene. Ask any listing agent who has relied upon standard photography tools or techniques (such as a cell phone camera) to capture images of the interior of a home, and they will quickly agree that most of the time, these types of images leave much to be desired in terms of their aesthetic appeal. After all, the average real estate property has all kinds of corners, shadows, and other peculiarities that are typically quite unforgiving in terms of being photogenic.

Perhaps one of the most difficult things to do is to display a home in its best possible light using equipment that simply cannot deliver those types of results.

This is where HDR photography for real estate can really make a difference. Instead of having to use an array of various equipment rigs, multiple lights, flash guns, etc., a professional real estate photographer can use HDR photography to capture three, five or even seven different exposures of a room, and then employ a bevy of software-enabled post-production photo editing techniques in order to merge these exposures into one integrated HDR image. The resulting photograph is a clear, detailed and vibrant image that has a surprisingly natural look and feel. 

With the help of HDR photography, a professional real estate photographer can tone down sharp highlights, bring out details that might have been obscured by shadows, and achieve proper exposure for all the different aspects and features of the image. The finished product will be a crisp, eye-grabbing photograph that brings out exquisite details, yet is faithful to how the room or property looks in real life. 

When marketing your listing, most reputable Realtors® know unique and professional photos are really what generates buyer interest online. If you want your listings to stand out and get noticed by potential buyers on any online platform including social media, consider using HDR real estate photography to present your listings like the pros. 

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